Monday, 28 March 2016


Well after all is said and done the over-whelming sense I have is one of pride.  That was a soul-searing, deep-wrenching endeavour.  My mind took over when my body had surpassed what it could manage.
I learnt that I can do things really slowly and not fail - but still get to the end point.  There is a lesson in my Kayla life lessons in this.
I was reminded that I am tough and I can endure physical hardship.
I have also come to the conclusion that one does not need to do these incredibly hard things too often. I have chosen to not do the Race to Rhodes and definitely not do RASA.  My mind would probably cope but my ass would definitely not cope!!

Doug put the maps ups on the wall in our kitchen and everyday Kayla would trace the route I had done.

Well deserved glass of wine with my treasure

The recovery has been slowish.  My hammie is still tight, the new skin has grown back on my ass, the sores in my mouth healed and I picked up a viral infection probably due to my immune system being so low.  I am sitting with Bell's Palsy now and a skew face and only half a smile.  
But know my heart and soul are absolutely BEAMING. 

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  1. Aileen, well done on a gutsy achievement.

    Regards, Mike W